Running is a team sport,
no-one runs alone.

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Prepare for your next race with me!

Welcome, runners!

I'm Victor, I'm an elite runner and a running coach from Sweden.

I'm so excited to share my own knowledge of the many facets of running and training with you -whether that be as your individual coach, or through one of my customised 12-week running programs.

Let's smash your next running goal!

"Work hard, play hard - together."

12 week running programs for races

Got a 10km race coming up?

I’ve specially designed a bunch of 10km running programs that will guide you through your training over a 12 week period leading up to your next 10km running race. Simply choose the program based on your individual time goal and get ready to smash that 10km PB!

Training programs in Swedish
Training programs in English

"All your wins and losses are felt by a running community with a huge heart. It’s a special group to be part of."

Individual running coaching with me!

Whether you’re new to running, or you’re an experienced runner who’s looking for a more structured approach to training, online running coaching can be a great option for you. Regardless of your location, you can access to professional coaching at an affordable price.

With regular check-ins with me, you always feel like you always have someone in your corner whilst still having control over when you execute your daily workout.

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